Humans of UNF


“The most valuable life lesson I’ve learned so far is to not procrastinate because it’s gotten me into a lot of trouble with financial aid and now I can’t move into my dorm yet because of it. I’m technically a junior since I did dual enrollment in college, but It’s my first year here so I have to live in a dorm. So, yeah, I’m technically homeless because of procrastination!”

“So what are you doing now, just staying with friends or?” 

“Couchsurfing, yeah. It’s okay. I’m dealing. I mean, it’s not too bad, it’s just that all my stuff is in my car so I’m technically living out of my car. I have nowhere to put all my clothes and stuff. So, like in the morning, I just choose my outfits based on whatever’s closest to the [car] door.”

“You don’t seem too stressed out about this whole thing.” 

“Yeah, because right now I have six classes so it’s not like I even have the time to worry about that, it’s just like, ‘oh, you gotta get to this class and do your homework, so… (laughs)”

“So would you say non-procrastination is something you’re still learning and adjusting to, or did this experience spark you to not procrastinate anymore?” 

“Still learning, yeah. Because I waited until the last minute last night to do my quiz and I was like, ‘oh, didn’t you learn this lesson already?’ (laughs) No, I didn’t. I’m usually not too bad about it but lately, it’s been bad.”


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